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Get yourself a better version of you! Wellness is basically maintain a healthy lifestyle. We come up with effective diets for weight loss, home remedies, fitness and how to deal with stress and live a healthy life.

Deal with/ De-stress – Todays life is really hectic, there is so much pressure on everyone like we have to maintain balance between work and home, maintaining your personal relationships along with work is really a headache, so here get tips to deal with stress and live a happy life.

Diet – Diet is the most important thing for weight loss, due to lack in proper diet you cannot achieve desired results for weight loss. Here You will get amazing recipes by which you can easily maintain your healthy life and be fit.

Fitness – Having good and fit body is everyone’s dream, your dream can come true here, Get amazing tips and methods to be fit without doing any hard-core exercises.

Home Remedies – your kitchen has many things which you can try and be beautiful, here get all those tried and tested home remedies and have a beautiful skin.

Weight Loss – Cut those extra calories and kilos and get the body you ever dream of by these simple tricks.



Get latest news about fashion going in trend, get updated with new books, movies launch, web series and get super exciting ideas to make travel plans with your family and friends.

  • BOOK – Get to know more about the latest book launch as well as your favourite one’s.
  • MOVIE – Get to know more about new releases in movies and get here you will be updated about reviews of movies.
  • TRAVEL – Get exciting weekend plans for your family and friends so you can make plans without any confusion and enjoy every second with them.
  • WEB SERIES – You can get to know about various web series like pictures, trip, permanent roommates.



Explore the beauty world through our section, get the best looks, makeup knowledge and makeup product, here you will get solution to your beauty problem. Get yourself updated with latest beauty tips, hair trends, skin care.

  • Don’t try this – Get tips and tricks of what to use and what not to use on your skin.
  • HACKS – Here you will get easy tips to apply makeup!
  • HAIR CARE – Get yourself updated with latest fashionable hairstyles, hair remedies and hair care.
  • MAKE UP – Every girl’s life is incomplete without makeup, here you will get makeup guide so that you rock your girl gang looking most beautiful.
  • SKIN CARE – Beautiful Skin is the dream of every girl. You can achieve your dream with the help of these easy methods.



We will give all latest updates in fashion, be the fashion icon which everyone wish to follow. Here explore various trend going on in fashion industry and get tips from famous designers to flaunt your look.

  • Fashion News – Get the latest updates about who’s wearing what in Bollywood
  • Fashion Trends – Be the fashionista with amazing tips about fashion from some of the best designers.
  • How to? – Do you also feel hesitated to wear dresses like celebrities, here  we will tell you how to wear those dresses with some simple tips and tricks.
  • What not to try – stay away from fashion disasters and make your look which everyone will follow.



Get all the news and gossips from Bollywood and from all over the world. Stay updated about what’s going on in life of your favourite celebrity and sneak peak in their life from our photo gallery.

Bollywood – Get all the latest updates about what’s going in every corner of Bollywood, who’s wearing what?, who’s going where? Get all the gossip here.

International- Want to know what’s happening in other side of world? Here you can see all latest news about international celebrities.   

Social Celebs- These are the ones who are very popular on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, they have many fans and they are emerging celebs in near future.

Women in leadership- Women are who are powerful and made her identity in eyes of many. They rule the hearts of many people because of their extreme     intelligence and knowledge.



In some point of life we all need advice on topics like love, marriage, dating, Sex. Here you can get tips from relationship expert who are experience in handling relations and give you best advice as per your situation. Don’t miss out our confession section in which you will get real life confessions on love, sex, marriage and friendship.

Breakup and Confessions – you will able to get into real world of relationships through this confession section.

Couples – Mostly couples found difficult to handle their relationships sometimes and there they need a person who could save their relation. So here get tips from expert to how to handle your Soulmate.

Friendship – Get tips to rock the world with some more naughtiness with your BFF!

Love and sex – If you are also facing some problems in your love and sex life then find amazing tips to add spice in your love life and enjoy your sex life.



Being a parent is an amazing feeling in the world but is really a difficult task to raise a child, you have to provide all sort of support to them like emotionally, mentally, social and monetary, in which many times you need a person who could make you understand how to deal with children. So here you can read articles by our experts, who advices on parenting.