A professional makeup chair is a must for any salon or makeup artist. The right makeup chair assures perfect makeup every time and also prevents any back problems. The makeup chair is integral for professionals who have a makeup studio or work on a set. Impeccable makeup requires expert touch, talent, and proper tools that help you with the job.

Here are a few things to look out for when buying a good makeup chair:

  • Height of the makeup chair – The height of a makeup chair needs to be higher for you to work with your back upright and with the face of the customer just a bit lower than yours. Given that the clients have very different statures, the ideal solution is a double height make-up chair.
  • Stability – A makeup chair needs to be stable to ensure that the person sitting is stationary, safe and comfortable. The chair must have also a stable base, legs tightly secured and a well-calculated center of gravity. Even better if it is a makeup chair fitted with an anti-tip system.
  • Structure and strength – The structure of the makeup chair should be ergonomic, hard wearing and safe.
  • Backrest and seat – This should be made using the best material that is washable, technical and breathable.
  • Portability and easy handling – This is very important as the makeup chair should be easy to open and close. It is must be not too heavy and equipped with a protective bag for the transport (better if the bag is equipped with a trolley).
  • Comfortable for the client – A good makeup chair should be comfortable for the client and the makeup artist as well especially during long makeup sessions.

There are many makeup chairs that are available both in wood and aluminum. The wooden chair is a classic and can last for years. An aluminum makeup chair is lightweight, scratch resistant and very portable. A good makeup chair comes with a price tag but ensures that you have a comfortable session on the chair as a client and as an artist as well.

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