Imagine this!!!

A boy meets a girl. They became friends then best friends and then fall in love. After being in a relationship they decided to get married. Their families agreed. They got married and lived a happy married life with no problems. Then they 2 years later had 2 cute kids.

The END!

Boriiiinnngggggg!!! this is what the first reaction would be of the audience. No one would pay for a ticket for this kind of movie. Well, by now we all have guessed the missing ingredient that is “masala”.  In any movie masala is added by the “VAMP” or “Villian”. In this article, we are just focusing on  Vamps. Well, no doubt Hindi movies become a lot more interesting because of them. So here we have Best Vamps of all times who made a life a living hell for hero and heroines of the movie.

  1. Manorama
    ” Neeche aa jao betiiii”, people who watched Seeta aur Geeta would definitely remember this dialogue.  She played a role of venomous mother and aunt in various movies like Seeta aur Geeta, Ek Phool Do Maali and many more. In her career, she played roles in various movies.
  2. Shashikala

    From playing the role of sweet sister-in-law in Khoobsurat to playing the role of the malicious mother-in-law in Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani she portrayed her part with perfection. In 2009 she was awarded Lifetime achievement award.
  3. Nadira
    “Mud mud ke na dekh” she gave life to this song just simply by her expressions. She had portrayed a negative role in some iconic movies like Aan, Shree 420, Dil Apna Preet Parai and many more.
  4. Lalita Pawar
    Lalita Pawar
    The devious saas for almost an era. There was a time when there hardly be a movie in which the role of the monstrous mother-in-law was not played by her.
  5. Rohini Hattangi
    Rohini Hattangi

    If you have seen Chalbazz then you can’t forget the lady with most weird hairstyle, who left no chance of hurting Sridevi (simple one). Earlier she played the role of Kasturba Gandhi in the movie “Gandhi” which was directed by Richard Attenborough.
  6. Bindu

    “Mera Naam Shabnam hai”, from the movie Kati patang is one of the most remembered dialogues of Bindu. She played her every role with so perfection that we really started to hate her at some point.

SO folks by now we have agreed to one thing that a hero or heroine looks more heroic when they have villain because that element showcases their character’s capabilities.

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Article By: Arpita


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