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In today’s hectic times, when we are running short on time, it is of utmost importance that we take out some time for hair care. Most of us suffer from one hair ailment or the other like hair fall, dandruff, dry, rough and dull hair. The reasons for these hair conditions can be plenty like pollution, lack of proper care and maintenance and diet. A lot depends on what we eat. Beautiful lustrous hair gets their shine and strength from the nutrients that we eat in our diet.

Keeping your hair clean and healthy, taking good care and eating a nutritious diet is important for strong healthy looking hair. Food plays a crucial role in hair care. A healthy pro hair diet plan should consist of the following:

Eat Healthy

  • Dairy products – Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products contain calcium and proteins that promote good hair health. Dairy products contain proteins and lipids that strengthen your hair. Drink at least 2 glasses of milk every day.
  • Salmon and eggs – Salmon is a great source for protein, selenium, omega3 fats, iron, magnesium and calcium which helps in hair growth and also reduces dry scalp. Eggs contain protein and vitamin B12 which help in preventing hair fall and promotes hair growth.
  • Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons contain vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant. It helps to improve blood circulation and leads to hair growth.
  • Fruits – Many fruits like cantaloupe, musk melon etc contain potassium which enriches your scalp and makes it healthier.
  • Berries – Berries are the best source for nutrients and antioxidants. Berries like cranberries, blueberries, strawberries contain vitamin C and water which are essential for shiny hair.
  • Whole grains – These are a great source for iron, zinc and vitamin B. these help in preventing hair breakage and hair fall. Include foods like wheat bread (brown bread), oatmeal, cereals, brown rice, which are considered to be the best sources of whole grains.
  • Nuts – These contain zinc, iron, vitamin E and omega 3 fats. They are energy generating foods that give a natural shine and luster to the hair. Include nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts etc in your daily diet.
  • Green leafy vegetables – These are the best source of food for your hair. They are rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins. They help in maintaining beautiful strong and healthy hair.

These foods are the magic potions for your hair. Including these in your diet plan would ensure that you have strong and healthy hair.

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