“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.” Strong women are the women who have been through the ups and downs of life, yet still stand tall with a hopeful heart. Being a strong, independent woman means that you are able to find happiness on your own. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt was well said that “Women are like teabags. She doesn’t know her true strength until she does not in hot water” because strong women just have a certain vibe about them, and emanate confidence and assertiveness wherever they go. Most women could probably agree that they enjoy being independent, self-assured, and mentally and physically strong, but getting to that point can seem challenging.

Let these empowering tips on how to be an emotionally and mentally strong woman change your life forever:

  • Don’t neglect careers opportunity:  Strong, independent girls have their careers always at the forefront of their lives. Working hard is something everyone should do, regardless of age, gender or other factors, whether it’s pulling an all-night shift at a fast food dinner or clocking in hours as CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Strong, independent girls always work hard, keep their eyes to the future, and strive to work on their careers.
  • Stand up for yourself: You must learn how to stand up for yourself at school, at work, and in your social life. Work on asserting yourself. Don’t be ashamed or apologetic about asserting yourself. Assertiveness is the middle ground between passivity and aggression. People who are effectively assertive are happier in relationships and have higher self-esteem.
  • Identify your weaknesses and learn from them: Remember that you’re weak not because you’re a woman but because you’re just a human being – just like everyone else. You can learn a lot from your weaknesses and instead of grieving over the things that you cannot do, use them as stepping stones towards knowing yourself better.
  • Don’t wait around for someone to save you: A strong, independent woman knows she possesses all the power within herself to make positive changes in her life. She doesn’t wait around for someone else to pick her up when she’s down or show her the right way to live her life. While emotional independence may not happen overnight, you can easily work at it each day if you’d like to become a stronger woman
  • Become fearless: You should keep that spirit “I can start with zero again anytime from anywhere” once you drop your fear you will become limitless and limitless person have unlimited opportunities.

Article by: Dr. Himani


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