“Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god. ”

This is a famous quote by Aristotle, a great Greek Philosopher. Well, these lines are apparently true!

Society and human go hand in hand. We are part of society and society is a part of us. We all agree to this, Right! (Because, till now I said nothing which will make you disagree!) Anyway, my concern for today is that if society and humans are so integrated that it’s almost impossible to take either one out of the other “Why people Still feel they are being left out?/ Why people suffer from inside”

Well, thanks to our Educated yet not so educated society talking about mental illness is still considered a taboo. Like if you get to know a person is suffering from Depression people start treating that person like an untouchable. My question is WHYYYYY????


First of all, people get on thing straight that mental illness is cure able and it does not spread like a viral. Now coming back to the quote main point of the quote is that if a person is not social either it Beast or God. Well, in my opinion, and today on-going scenario’s it’s impossible for a man to be Saint (GOD) so what we are left is Beast.

Turning a person into a beast we all responsible as much as circumstance (Because they don’t occur on their own we make them occur).

I would give a simple example when you fall sick and I mean really sick. People come they ask you how are you and how are you feeling. Well, this looks good only for a few days but you soon start feeling irritated, right! The cause of irritation is people looking at you with sympathy eyes.

Now I guess you could know why people who are depressed or suffering from depression or some mental illness turn into a beast. The main reason behind them being so violent and so aggressive is that they are already fighting a war within their mind and to add perks the society first isolate them and when they see them in public their sympathy awakes out of nowhere, which makes them fight even more.

Folks, I request you to be normal with people who suffer from some or the other mental issue. Don’t take the part of them being social out them and leaving them turning into a beast. If you have anyone nearby who sufferers from such issue talk to them normally don’t pinpoint things if you can’t help them at least don’t irritate them.

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Article By: ARPITA


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