Do you ever try to make trips with your girl gangs but end up staying home as you don’t feel secure moving out of town without any men in the gang? So, ladies, this article is for you! You can yourself go and explore different places through women special packages which will be provided by renowned companies.

From endless talks to crazy bonding, we have all had those days with our best buddies, but wouldn’t those moments get all the more precious, if we spent them in a special place and only with our girl gang.

The fun part of the trip will be no stress and no boys! I will share with you the name of companies who will arrange girls adventure packages for you!

Make My Trip

  1. MakeMyTrip– They have women special packages in which there is a list of places which are extremely safe for women, they will arrange each and everything as per your budget and needs.

so just pack your bags and get ready for more fun!

Women Travels

  1. WOW Club-A travel club that organizes all-women trips around the world over. It is the perfect solution for women who want to travel, but do not like the idea of traveling alone.

You may have a husband, who doesn’t like to travel or is too busy with work, or you may be widowed or separated, or you might find that most of your friends, relatives or colleagues are not able to travel for one reason or another.

So this club is for you, who can’t travel alone but still passionate about traveling and exploring new places.

Adventure Women

  1. Adventure Women-They are making dream vacations to come true from the past 35 years. Adventure Women is a company to help women connect with each other by discovering more about themselves.

You can connect with them and schedule a vacation for the coming year anywhere around the world!

The Wander Girls

  1. The Wander Girls-They offer trips, where you can explore unique destinations, adventure holidays, treks, girlfriend getaways, rural experience, yoga and wellness retreats, mother-daughter trips, weekend breaks, relaxing spa vacations, and reading holidays to cater to diverse interests.

Now don’t hold your trips anymore, just experience a new life by exploring a new place.

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