Hair Care

Haircare becomes an essential part of personal grooming. India has long been known for women with radiant, long and lustrous hair. The hair formed an inseparable part of the beauty fix for women since time immemorial in our country. The contemporary times do not tell a different tale either. Whatever be your favorite hair care product the aim is singular – to have beautiful tresses that adorn your overall appearance.

Irrespective of the advancements at work from the keratin tech to the ayurvedic natural products there is no dearth of products available. Your need is matched suitably with a product.

Here is a list of hair care products available in India:

  • Oils
    Moroccan Oil
    These oils help to moisturize your hair and keep them soft. Natural oils promote hair growth, restrict hair fall and scalp infections. Coconut oil, olive oil, Moroccan argan oil, hair and care oil, Brahmi Amla oil etc.
  • Shampoos 
    Biotique Help to cleanse your hair and scalp. Shampoos are used to keep the hair free from dust and grime that gets accumulated due to the environment. There are many options in shampoos from ayurvedic to brand names like Loreal, Bodyshop, Shahnaz Hussain, Dove, Biotique etc.
  • Hair conditioners
    Hair Conditioner
    These conditioners keep the hair hydrated. Conditioners form a protective layer keeping the hair soft and keeping the nutrients locked.
  • Hair serum 
    Like the conditioners, hair serum helps to keep your hair tangle free and smooth. Frizz-free and easy to manage is the mantra behind a good hair serum.
  • Hair color
    Color adds a natural elegance to your hair. There are many color shades available to give your hair the elegant or the naughty touch. From greens, blues, reds to the Auburn, burgundy, and black. If you want to opt for the natural way go for henna which conditions your hair and gives a beautiful color too.
  • Heat protector for hair
    Hair ProtectorThis is must have as it protects the hair from heat caused due to ironing, curling, blow drying and the sun.
  • These hair care products help to keep your hair protected and provides the much-required care to your mane.


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