“Youngest kid” the pampered one, the spoilt one, the one with whom parents were very lenient. These all things come to mind when you see your younger sibling doing something.

I am going to talk about the side which probably you would ignore in general and that is, “Thoughts of the Youngest Kid

I am youngest in my family the last born the spoilt one the laziest one (in exceptional cases I am not!), and yes one thing I have heard my entire life I “ Aarey yeh bacchii hai abhi toh!” Though I am 22, still I am considered a kid.  So I can very well take you through the thoughts that go through anyone’s mind who could relate


  1. Mature enough to understand: many times our elderly folks send us out and discuss certain things with the elder sibling. So this point is for parents that we are mature enough to understand the matter, so next time instead of sending out, include us.
  2. Funny element: Many times we do certain things just to make everyone around us laugh. We understand what stress and burden you all have on yourself so it’s just to add a smile in your day. Our habit has nothing to do with our ability to handle things.
  3. We are responsible: If you give us something to handle then believe in us that we can handle. Sometimes your concern becomes a barrier instead of an advantage. We can handle and if we can’t we will ask for help but till the time believe in us and give us a chance to showcase our abilities.
  4. Too much caring: Have you guys noticed relationships (yes the boyfriend-girlfriend one!) you know one out if five relationships break because of too much caring. We love to be taken care of but sometimes leaving us is all we want. Too much of caring is also suffocating.

I understand you all are concerned about us and are worried about us but we also want you guys to understand that we are capable of handling responsibilities.

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Article By: ARPITA


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