Tender, fragile, soft-spoken, should be handled with care, etc. etc…Well, when you heard these words you automatically thought about a vulnerable girl. Not your fault, for year’s these, have been desired characteristics of women for the silver screen (remember Nirupa Roy). It portrayed it as “Ablaa Naari” the one who can’t take care of herself, can’t carry her shopping bags, basically need the existence of a male everywhere in her life.  But once in a while silver screen directors started to think with a twist and portray women as an icon of courage. Here is my favorite list of some movie characters which won hearts of people by being Dabangg!!

  1. Kahaani
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Vidya Balan was the hero in this (heroine word is too passe). She is known for her versatility. From being Lalita in Parineeta to Silk in The Dirty Picture she proved her fine skills of acting. Another iconic role played by her was of Vidya Venkatesan Bagchi in 2012’s Kahaani. A pregnant woman who comes to Kolkata to find her missing husband. The role showed that if women want to do something, nothing can stop them not even their own health.

  1. Mardaani

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“Shivani Shivaji Roy crime branch Mumbai Senior inspector” 2014 staring Rani Mukerji movie Mardaani showed the story of a female cop who was devoted to clear the crime in Mumbai (Or better say, to clear criminals). The nature of character was, strong, daring, and ruthless to criminals, the one who knows how to fight. This not only broke the women character stereotype but of YRF’s skinny saree clad damsels roaming in the chilled icelands image as well.


  1. Neerja

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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja played a role of Neerja in 2016. This was the biopic of Neerja Bhanot.   The character in starting showed you the soft, fun-loving side of the character but towards the end, you see how bravely she put herself in hands of death to save 3 kids. This movie surely gave a boost to Sonam’s career.


  1. Veerey di Wedding

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Recently released Veerey di Wedding is undoubtedly breached most of the stereotypes of the ideal world for women. The boldest role was played by Swara Bhaskar of Sakshi Soni. The going to be divorced girl who is alcoholic and a chain smoker. For many, the role was too threatening to their culture but honestly, it showed some different sides which as far as I think was not revealed.


These are surely entertaining but also have been different from regular stereotyped ones.  Hope in few years we witness completely changed characteristics of women. The bold, remorseless, daring and even being the devil if necessary and breaking all stereotypes.


Article By: Arpita


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