People do crazy things or get crazy after being in a relationship. The secret behind this is still unknown. Researchers are still trying to figure out a valid reason for people becoming a psycho. It’s not always girls turn possessive; sometimes guys too turn possessive (if you don’t believe me go and watch gumrah or crime petrol). So the folk’s bottom line is that you need to keep calm and maintain your sanity while being in a relationship. Here are certain things people need to stop doing in the name of LOVE

  1. Letting go of opportunities

Your career should be your priority because that’s what gives you an identity for life. So stop letting go of opportunities that bring you a step closer to your dream future.
(Ps. We live in 2018 and not in 1918 we can connect easily)

  1. Getting a Permanent Tatoo

If any of you is not having Alziehmers then there is no valid point to get a permanent tattoo of your partner. It’s not like that you gonna forget the name of the person you talk 24×7.

  1. Stalking

Well stalking once in a while is acceptable, to be honest, but regular stalking will only lead you in two directions

  • You become a stalker
  • Heartbreak

Either way, it’s not beneficial. So stop.

  1. Too many gifts

Giving and receiving gifts on a special occasion or no occasion is kind of trend these days but this gave a highway to people who would gift you something for everything.  Folks, please understand that no one is running a gift store. Give gifts in the limit.

  1. Taking passwords

This is the mark that shows you don’t trust your partner.  So if you don’t trust your partner you have the option of leaving. If you want to go through their account as them to open up for you but don’t take passwords.

  1. Checking every now and then

You are a partner ( gf/bf) not a babysitter so please stop checking on them every now and then. If you are working then wait for evening and then have a long good conversation about the day ( that is something everyone loves to have)

Article By: Arpita


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