yoga essentials

If you’re new to yoga and feel intimidated by it, the join the gang. I had to be literally dragged for my first yoga class. I had a list of excuses rolling out in my mind for not doing yoga. But all the pandemonium in my mind ended with the first class. I learned that yoga was all about using various asanas as a tool to work with the breath and mind.

To make things more inviting, my friends made a yoga essentials list for me. This actually worked and I took initiative to go through the list and buy the essentials of yoga before my next class. I would like to share this list of yoga essentials to get you over all the dilemma.

  • A Yoga mat is a must if you are serious about practicing yoga daily. It helps you balance even in the most difficult yoga positions. A good yoga mat should be sticky, durable and sturdy.

Yoga blankets

  • Yoga blanket can be used for savasana or you can roll it and use under legs or back for support while doing yoga.

yoga towel

  • Yoga towel is a must. A good yoga towel should wick away moisture, dry quickly, shouldn’t harbor bacteria, should be easy to pack and use, and keep you cool.

yoga blocks

  • The yoga block is a must in yoga. They can be used for restorative postures, or for making the floor a bit closer and more accessible in tricky balancing asanas.

yoga jellies

  • Yoga jellies protect your joints during yoga practice especially your knees and wrists. They allow you to challenge your body during your practice without the counterproductive pain.


  • Yoga bolsters to support your body and help you relax in different poses. These can help you stay longer in poses while remaining comfortable for long.
  • A bottle of water to keep you hydrated during your yoga.

yoga pants

  • Yoga pants – A comfortable pair of pants that are supportive and affordable are a must.



  • Yoga tank top – Yoga clothes should be breathable, supportive and comfortable. Find one that fits you snugly.
  • A yoga mat cleaner is also essential as it keeps your mat clean and fragrant.

These yoga essentials got me started and happy about the class. You can add a deodorant and personal hygiene things like a hair band and scrunchy to the list as well. Do what makes you happy and enjoy yoga your way.

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