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Love is not an exercise. There are no difficulty levels to it. The concept of difficult and easy doesn’t exist in love. Fall in love is varying from person to person based on the upbringing, surroundings, preferences and inherent qualities. Totally it is not on gender base.

Facts about women love:

  • Women more likely to say, “I love you” first as compared to a man according to a survey.
  • Women’s internal alarms tend to go off when they hear love proclaimed too early in a relationship.
  • In terms of sex with her man, mostly time women “mark their territory”.
  • Women are over thinkers. So doubts, questions & debate will always be there in relationships.
  • A woman in true love never conceals things from her man.
  • Mostly women if truly love with her man always willing to accept him as he is.
  • If her man sick and need a good care, her woman will always hurry to bring emotional and physical comfort for him.
  • Women tend to fall in love slower but commit faster than man.
  • Women tend to be more emotional in a relationship, while men tend to be more focused on keeping it light and fun.
  • Women are more selective they have an idea of what a man needs to be like before they will see him as a potential partner.
  • Most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor as it indicates higher intelligence and honesty.
  • Women’s peripheral vision is better than men’s that is why men face difficulties in finding their things from closets and drawers.
  • Women can more interrelate the information as compared to men. They can remember all the special dates and events easily.

    Article by: Dr. Himani


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