A yoga mat is a specially fabricated mat that is used for doing yoga. It prevents you from slipping while doing yoga. A yoga mat can be made of many kinds of materials, the most popular being cotton mats, jute mats, rubber mats, sticky mats etc. A yoga mat can range in thicknesses from 2 mm (lightweight) to 4–5 mm (standard or “classic”) and up to 7 mm for either high-performance mats reserved for professional daily practices.

A yoga mat comes in many colors and patterns. There are also alignment mats that are printed with guides to proper alignment while doing yoga. A yoga mat makes the practice of yoga easy, effective and safe. Use of a yoga mat while doing yoga ensures that there are lesser risks involved in falling and injury. It helps in improving balance and coordination. Many times a particular asana requires a lot of balance, this can be achieved by using a yoga mat which helps in maintaining improved posture and balance. A yoga mat can also help in preventing possible injuries that can occur while doing yoga especially on a surface that is slippery. A yoga mat also keeps your body warm and will not allow your energy to pass to the floor.


A yoga mat offers comfort. A mat for you to sit on lay or stretch provides a cushion for your back, hands, and knees. It provides relief from any unwanted pressure as you make your way through the yoga positions. Having a flat, even surface for you to sit down on during asana poses and to lay down on during savasana poses provides you with the stability to experience the full impact of the stretch.

A yoga mat provides you with a physical place to do yoga wherever you are. So choose your yoga mat wisely as you just cannot afford to compromise on it.



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