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Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful life-altering events that every woman wants to feel in her life. Pregnancy is a time for women to feel more connected to their bodies because she wants to connect with her baby through her body. It is the most powerful creation by God to have life growing inside in the women. Therefore, at this time, you should be able to take care of your child by taking special care of yourself. Therefore, it is important to take care of some necessary things during pregnancy, mainly when you are becoming a mother for the first time. Because the health and safety of your growing baby are essential, so here is a list of some things that you should not to do while pregnant.

  1. Confirm that you are pregnant: Several times due to the excitement of conceiving a baby, false symptoms lead to confusion. So you should be take first step that confirm your pregnancy by home-based urine test. For urine test you can use pregnancy kits which are available in the market after confirming by test kit you should also visit your doctor place too.

2- Observe your body changes: When you conceive a baby your body shows different kind changes. So you have to aware about your body changes and should take attention for observation in the changes. During this phase you could feel nauseous, have a back pain, have mood swings, suffer from tender or swollen breasts, have cravings for some particular food, and of course, you miss your periods etc.

3-Take a break:  During pregnancy, many hormones could be affect your body. Due to resealing different hormones you could feel tired and stressed so in this phase you should take care of yourself and take enough time to give yourself relief.

4-Avoid travel during pregnancy: Traveling is fine in the initial stages, but it could be risky as your due date approaches. The general stress of travelling long distance during the first trimester can take a toll on both the mother and baby. Several airlines do not allow women travelers who are more than 36 weeks pregnant. So you should try to avoid travelling during this phase. If you feel travelling is most important due to some region you should consult your doctor and take necessary precautions.

Reported by: Dr. Himani


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