The Love Bracelet (styled L⊝Ve, with the horizontal line inside the letter “O” The Love Bracelet (styled L⊝Ve, with the horizontal line inside the letter “O”) is a piece of timeless jewelry designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier SA. The horizontal line inside the letter O indicates to the bracelet’s locking mechanism.

The love bracelets are a universal symbol of love created in 1969 in New York. Love bracelets by Cartier featured gold plating however the collection of love bracelets has expanded immensely with solid gold, platinum as well. It is considered as the most successful feather in Cartier’s history. the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only by using a special screwdriver that is supplied with every bracelet. The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be “locked” onto one person, while the “key” is kept around the neck of another, as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship.


The love bracelet collection by Cartier can be bought in 18K yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, and platinum too. Some of these love bracelets come encrusted with precious diamonds in place of or in rotation with the screw-motif. 2006 saw the introduction of the love charity bracelet which consists of a silk cord and a golden ring bearing the word love.

Cartier has long been known for philanthropy. It donates $150 from the sale of each bracelet to various charities each backed by a celebrity.

It is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever. Intended to be a unisex piece of jewelry the love bracelet was designed in the shape of an oval to fit as closely as possible to a loved one’s wrist. Lovingly called the “modern love handcuffs” the love bracelet revolutionized the manner of wearing jewelry. The distinctive round screws that decorate the Love bracelet were inspired by the screws that are featured on the bezel of Cartier’s Santos watch. The love bracelet by Cartier is a family inheritance passed on for generations…. A real symbol of love.

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