Red lipstick is a must on every girl’s list. This is the only color that gives a sexy and bold look not only this it also enhances your face. Do you want to know the perfect way how to apply your favorite RED LIPSTICK?  Well here it is:

Step1:  Prepare your base
moisturized lips
Apply some lip moisturizer or lip balm before applying anything else. You can also use a primer as it will hold your lipstick for long.

Step2: draw borderline
border line on lips
After applying balm or moisturizer or prime draw your lip boundaries.

Step3:  Fill your lips
filled lips
After borderlining fill your lips with your lip liner.  Make sure your lip liner matches your lipstick. Remove the excess color with the help of tissue.

Step4: Final Step

red lips
image source Pinterest

Finally, apply your lipstick and get your sexy look.

So girls next time when you get ready for an occasion to try applying your lipstick like this and see the change.

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Article By: Arpita


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