Just think how much we expect from people around us, say for example you just came back from office and give your children chocolates so what you expect from them, that they will smile and be happy and hug you and say thank you dad! But if they don’t do same as per your expectation you will feel bad and don’t bring chocolates in near future as children don’t value your emotions.

Expecting in return always hurt so always remember you are here in this world to just give, spread happiness, care, if you are capable enough give money to needy, help others but just don’t expect anything in return because when you give anything and expect that they will praise you or make you popular than my friend you are on wrong path, as there is an very famous saying that “neki kar aur dariya mai dal”! To make your soul pure just do what you are doing unconditionally, you will yourself feel happy and satisfied.

You should know that you are born to give something and then pack up and leave. That is it. You have come here to give something; you can’t take anything from here.

Never keep track of what you give, don’t worry about its ¨value¨ and retrain your brain to stop seeing things as transactions and more like investments, where your ROI is unknown just appreciate the moment.

You don’t need to be a complete saint and suffer in silence. You will get rewards in unexpected way and the satisfaction for being unattached to materialism is pure; this will help you develop the spiritual side of your character.

You never know giving someone or helping someone without expecting anything in return might change their life, you will feel that you are doing satisfying action and you will achieve that satisfaction which many people are not aware of.

By- Garima



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