These days most of the people are rushing into a relationship like it is the last train. Well okay, we can’t do anything about it but at least we can have a look at the bigger picture. The only thought that comes mostly in the mind of people is of getting cozy and being romantic. But the relationship is a lot more than that. for instance

  1. Plan you’re Financial

Instead of planning your perfect wedding plan your financials for the life. Help each other to invest in the right way. This would benefit your future.

  1. Be the Honest Critic of each other

Your partner should be your honest critic. The person you are with should be able to tell you when you are right and when  you are wrong without any fear.

  1. Taking care of Health

You should always take care of each other’s health and by this,  I don’t mean just asking them Baby “Thaana  Thaaya …” (have you had food) look at them if you notice any change ask them to visit the doctor or take them to doctor.

  1. De-stressing

Your relationship should be the stress reliever and not giver. You should be the one they can speak their heart out and not someone they have to hide their feelings from.

In my opinion, the relationship is something really special. Make your significant other feel that yes they have someone who is not only there for the dramatic romance but also for hard decisions.

Article By: Arpita



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