In every relationship there comes a time when one of the two asks “Honey, where is this going?”. Basically, this question comes up when you are too confused that you are even in a relationship or not. In your dating life, you would be having cozy cute romantic moments, you fight like a couple, you hang out, get jealous, basically does everything that happens in a relationship but without the tag (according to me tag is not important but anyway). So after all this when you think alone you really wonder that “what is happening??” and when you try talking here would be some answers given by them.

  1. Perfect time

“Baby, I am waiting for Perfect time.” If someone says this just ask them “are you Cinderella who is waiting for the clock to struck 12???” guys, understand that there is nothing like “perfect time” anytime you realize you love someone, your stupid time starts.

  1. I am not ready yet

“I am not ready yet!” I don’t understand what they need be ready for?? it is not a Christmas party.

  1. I have too many problems

This is the most pathetic reason one can give because the other synonym of life is the problem. So if someone gives you this reason slap them and run away.

  1. I am not over my ex

If you are not over with your ex what are you doing with the other person? Stop wasting time and playing with other people.

  1. Friend-zoning

    This happens when the person likes your company but doesn’t like in a romantic way. So this is how they get to be with you yet without any responsibility of yours.

  1. Matching problems

This is actually contradicting to the statement “Opposites Attract”. In my opinion, if two different personalities are together then I guess there would only be short circuits because at one point or the other both of them would stop understanding each other’s opinion.

  1. Commitment phobia

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This is a valid reason and at least they are owning up to it that they can’t commit anything and not keeping you in dark.


Guys if your significant other does not treat you like you matter or treats special intervals then leave because you are not a festival.

Article By: Arpita



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