Have you ever felt so much annoyed by some people that,

“unko dekh ke gali khud kehti hai, kya mai bahar au?”

There are some people in the world that are just plain annoying and no matter how much you try to ignore them but you can’t handle their negativity and they try to provoke you by doing stupid things. Say for example, every morning every other person is late for office and hate long queues for boarding metro but then come those people who just cut your line and come in between the long queue and there are some people around you who always speak negative and just want to pick a fight and like a cherry on top here comes the horrible boss!   “aise logon ko dekh ke mann he mann hum kitni galiya de dete h, we all know!”

 I will tell you how to try to ignore them so that they could not hurt your inner peace!

1.Line cutters– they just violated social code of waiting in queue, so politely tell them, Excuse me, can you please come in queue” if they are left with some etiquette then surely they will say sorry and come in queue.

Do not fight with them and spoil your mood, Stay strong, and just try to let things go whenever you can.

2.Negative people– they are everywhere around you, whether in your friend circle or at work or at home. Their main aim is to let us down on a perfectly good day, do not fulfill their aim. You can deal with them in a way that you walk away from the conversation and try to make some excuses, like I need to do urgent work or something. when you think they are trying to spread negativity in you.

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3. Always late people– I think it’s easy enough to just ignore that problem because you can’t change people, but there are some time when you need to make them understand to value time, if your employee is always late for work make them sit after hours to complete the work and then politely tell them, this is the reason one should come on time.

4. Crazy boss– first of all, try to find out is your boss is actually crazy or what? I mean if your boss is prone to mood swings and has inconsistent reactions to common situations or he puts his interest above the company welfare, then there is some problem with him. You can handle him by having a communication chain and the support of your co-workers, when you’re dealing with an unstoppable force.

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By- Garima


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