Meditation bowls are widely used for healing therapies. They are also known as the singing bowls or the Tibetan bowls. The meditation bowl dates back to the historical times of Buddha Shakyamuni (560-480 BC). is a round metal bowl that resonates with different sounds and tones when hit by a stick, rod or pole. Meditation bowls are commonly used in meditation and yoga practices as a tool to help decrease brainwave patterns into a deeper state of trance and relaxation. The sound produced from these Tibetan singing bowls increases the positive vibrations.

Usually, a meditation bowl is struck on the inside with a metal rod or pole to produce a note or tone. This will often indicate the beginning of meditation practice, signaling the need for each individual to be silent and calm. Often, the person using the rod or pole will move it along the lip of the bowl, creating a longer tone and deeper note. They are one of the essential things used for meditation and are mostly found in Buddhist temples, monasteries throughout the world.


The musical sound produced by the meditation bowl generates energy and aids in healing, giving relief from depression, pain, stress that staggers us in our daily lives. There are some known benefits of the meditation bowl.

These are as follows:

  • Reduces the stress and anxiety of mind
  • Best for healing and meditation purpose
  • Enhances the circulation and increases blood flow
  • Awakening and balancing chakras
  • Soothing Music and religious purpose
  • Lowers anger and maintains blood pressure
  • Promotes stillness, happiness, and well-being and stimulates the immune system

The meditation bowl helps to relax the mind, body, and soul. The long, deep tones aid in decreasing the rate of brainwave patterns, which is essential for obtaining a deep state of trance or meditation. Sometimes, different meditation bowls are used throughout the practice, to create ambient background music suitable for relaxation and meditation. The meditation bowl creates a balance in your mind and synchronizes it with the body.

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