Parenting can be a tricky business especially if you have lads. Research has shown that there are no essential differences between boys and girls. And yet we find so many dissimilarities between the two while raising boys and girls. Both boys and girls process information differently as they become adults. Male hormones cause boys to grow and develop differently from girls and develop certain skills sooner than later. Parenting boys need skills that differ a little bit from girls. And if you’re lucky and are proud parents to both a boy and a girl then you get to taste the best of both the worlds.

Boys get a surge of testosterone making them more active around the ages of 4-5 years. The growth pattern of boys has been divided into stages :

  • Birth to age 6 – At this stage, a boy is very much his mother’s child. He looks for love and comfort from both parents.
  • Age 6 to 14 – During this period, boys start to look at how to become men, and their father is their key role model, demonstrating how men should behave.
  • Ages 14 and over – At this stage, the boy starts to look beyond his immediate family for one or more male ‘mentors’.

Parenting boys can become quite a task if not understood clearly.

Here are some tips that will help you to overcome all these doubts:

  • Channelize their energy – Boys are more aggressive and energetic. We need to channelize their energies into doing productive work.
  • Monitor aggression – Introduce empathy in your son and make him understand other’s perspective too. Redirect your child to other activities.
  • Give boys one message at a time- Boys struggle with too many messages. Get their attention and give them one message at a time….not two or three.


  • Protect their spirit and innocence – Boys can be influenced easily so it is imperative to deal with bullies decisively, keep a close watch for signs of lethargy, withdrawal, and depression.
  • Be firm, fair and direct with boys- Fairness is important to boys. They respond best to discipline that is clear, firm and fair.
  • Give them a protective environment – Maintaining close relationships with boys keeps the communication open, provides guidance and discipline not out of compulsion but out of love.
  • Avoid controlling their behavior all the time – Boys learn more from experience than being taught everything. They learn best by physical experience however painful that may be. It is better to teach them the consequences of risk.
  • Provide them with Role Models – Boys often look up to a person and want to emulate all the qualities. Their father is the ideal role model but it can also be teachers, relatives etc.


  • Boys benefit greatly from having parents who can address their specific needs. It can be tricky staying one step ahead of your sons though.
  • Give your time to your boys- It is important to spend quality time with boys, schedules your routine accordingly.
  • Model good behavior- Model polite behavior and be sure to praise kids when they are well-mannered. Be interested in their interests, like bugs or robots, and ask questions about them.
  • Emphasize kindness and sensitivity– Explain the importance of kindness by sharing toys with friends and being gentle with pets. Celebrating compassion and love can make a young boy feel better, even when nothing is wrong.

Boys are usually more energetic, boisterous, aggressive and physical. These parenting tips for boys will help to give you a direction to raising boys.



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