While working out wearing proper clothes is very important.

Enough is enough … you have decided that you will add at least an hour of workout to your daily routine. Your mind is made up, you have got the membership of the closest health club or a sports complex and you seem eager to get back in shape. But did you check on your fitness clothing? The fitness dress is equally important when going for a workout. Inappropriate fitness dress can distract you from your fitness routine.

Fitness clothing should feel good and comfortable especially while exercising. The different workout requires different clothes, so think about the kind of exercises you’ll be doing before you put your outfit together.

Here are some tips while choosing fitness dress for yourself:

  • Choose fitness clothing based on comfort, functionality and style. Clothes that give you the right kind of support.
  • Avoid wearing pure cotton clothes while exercising. Cotton clothes absorb moisture easily and can end up causing discomfort. Instead, choose clothes that are dry fit and will keep you nice and dry.
breathable shorts
Always wear proper length shorts.
  • Wear supportive and breathable shorts. Avoid wearing very short shorts while exercising as they can easily ride up while doing squats, lunges etc.
  • Yoga pants or leggings
Wear shoes in which you are most comfortable.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must while working out. Choose shoes that fit you right and are not very tight. Those who do more cardio than weights need shoes with better upper support and a spongier sole, whereas a pair of Converse with their flat hard soles is perfect for squatting.
  • Performance socks are a must-have in your fitness gear. A breathable pair with antimicrobial and wicking technology is better while working out. These socks are made of light, synthetic material that wicks away sweat and won’t scratch your skin.
Carry a gym bag so that you have the necessary items with you.
  • A gym bag is also a must have to keep all your things in one place. Opt for a lightweight bag, because while carrying sneakers, towels and clothes, the last thing you need is a heavy bag. Antibacterial or odor-killing lining with a separate shoe compartment is desirable.

These fitness clothing keep you comfortable during your fitness routine. They look cool and are designed to withstand a tough workout.


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