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All most all humans want to enjoy sexual pleasure and of course thinking about it is not wrong. It is a part of our biological process. But mostly people not realize that an orgasm is about more than just sex.

Reaching till climax is downright healthy.  Orgasms not only give pleasure for us it provides help to rewire and re-energize of our bodies too. To have more orgasms is to dramatically and tremendously improve you and your partner’s health. The orgasm of a female is a very complicated process, and is much more demanding than that of a male.

Therefore it is a shame that females do not experience the intense climax that is their heritage. Women need much more intense attention to their clitoris for experience these phenomenal climax events. Many men do not have the knowledge to perform this kind of intense organization in their efforts to satisfy their female sexual partners.

Women need foreplay before and direct stimulation during vaginal intercourse, which can either be by the partner or herself. All this talk of orgasm might be enough to make you blush.

Now get ready for scrolling down to known the reasons why making orgasms should be your priority

Keep you looking younger :

As we age, testosterone and DHEA level decrease. Due to this reason, our skin looks dull. Orgasm releases a plethora of chemicals, which contain testosterone and DHEA (Dehyrdoepiandrosterone) which restores skin, repairs damaged tissues keeping skin looking plump and youthful as well as used to improve memory and brain function too.

Pain Reliever:

Orgasms make great natural painkillers. During orgasm, chemicals known as endorphins and oxytocin are released which play a role as natural pain relievers. Also along with this, they play help in alleviating headaches, stomach pains, and even arthritis.

Orgasms are thought to reduce pain by  70%. Inflammation and swelling are also known to decrease. When you are able to get through a day without aches and pains hindering your productivity, happiness, ability, and comfort, you will probably feel less stressed.

Orgasms Make you Happy and Relieve Stress:

Orgasms can put you into a deep state of relaxation and even sedation. All these happen due to relies on oxytocin and endorphin hormones. Endorphin plays the important role to flush out cortisol level from the body, In this way you can feel good.

Cortisol is that evil hormone that causes inflammation in the body and can even make your tummy bloat. Women’s have the much higher level of this hormone as compared to men.

Oxytocin’s ability to reduce cortisol levels creates an overall feeling of relaxation and even sleepiness for some. The release frequently accompanies that of melatonin, which regulates our internal clock and puts us into a deeper slumber.

During the female orgasm the fear and anxiety centers of the brain shut down. Due to this women’s will probably feel less stressed.

Reported by : Dr. Himani


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