Losing weight is something that is associated with everything you do all day. It indulges your habits, routines, eating patterns and the way you behave. If you notice carefully you will notice that your routine before going to bed can actually make a difference. Disturbed sleep can lead to a slow metabolism which can lead to weight gain, mood swings, headaches, and many other health issues. What habits should you adopt before going to bed in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle?

  1. Dance before going to bed
    After getting all the chores of the day done when you finally hit the bed, sometimes you cannot sleep. This is because your brain is still energized. This stored energy creates difficulty in sleeping. To utilize the stored energy start grooving on your playlist. This way you can sleep a bit more faster and have a sound sleep.
  2. Keep away your phones, laptops or any electronic gadget
    In order to have a sound sleep, you need to be fully relaxed before hitting the bed. So keep off any electronic gadgets which can give you a disturbing update regarding the world. Don’t check your emails before going to sleep as it can cause stress which will hinder the sound sleep.
  3. Take a shower
    Well, what could be better having a hot water shower before getting into the bed? Having a shower before bed would lift your mood and relieve tension. So when you hit bed you can easily fall asleep.
  4.  Read a book
    If you are a bookworm or even like to read. Grab a book after the shower and start reading it. It would utilize the leftover energy and improve your vocabulary. It is advised to read the books that are good for light reading. Avoid thrillers and horror books.
  5. Wear loose clothes

    Nothing is more comfortable than oversized clothes. Technically speaking you cannot sleep with much comfort when you wear something tight such as jeans. Wearing loose clothes will make you feel a bit lazy which will help you sleep properly.

Article By: Arpita


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