Aromatherapy is the therapy to heal certain emotional and physical havoc. An external application, message or inhalation of the aromatic substances, namely any essential oils, is the paramount process here. In ancient days, people use to add aromatic substances along with most of their life activities. Activities like praying, celebrating, bathing, dressing, visiting, cooking, and so on. As they had included these along with their walks of life, there was no special treatment for emotional and physical sufferings. To say this in a deep sensible way there was no chance of those pains. But today, one person’s liking towards this aromatic choice, say perfume, is stressing the other person. This is just a simple example. Apart from this in our busy schedule, everyone is stressed unknowingly. By just using a few aromatic substances, a therapeutic floor can be developed

Basically, human beings, he or she, both are fond of the floral smells. Naturally, they are stress relievers. Garland and bouquet giving practices are used for this reason only. Anybody can be eased with the floral smell, which is the secret behind these practices. On regular bases acquiring any aromatherapy will keep you calm emotionally and a few physical disorders are cured.

Benefits of aromatherapy
Emotional benefits: Any way of application subjects to inhalation. So the limbic system, which is concerned with instinct and all emotions like fear, anger, pleasure, love, depression, anxiety, stress, and so on are very much activated. These emotional threshold levels are widened and in means of time they will disappear resulting in a normal state of level or balancing state.
Physical benefits:
Just inhalation alone energizes the whole body and brings back to its liveliness. So many healing properties are there.
 A headache, hangover, migraine, and other bodily pains are reduced.
 Aids in sound sleep
 Enhances the immune system  Improvise in the digestive system and so on.

List of Essential oils
More than 100 essential oils are there around the world.
 Tea tree oils
 Jasmine
 Lavender
 Peppermint
 Eucalyptus
 Orange
 Lemongrass
 Rosemary
 Palmarosa
 Coconut
 Vanilla


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