A movie is incomplete without two ingredients, one a villain which makes hero’s character more heroic and second a complete comic character which brings stupid ideas to the hero but a great laugh to the audience. Imagine how boring a movie would be without these two characters. So the characters which brought uncontrollable laughter and have been a delight to watch.

  1. Babu Rao
  2. Chota Pandit
  3. Dr. Aditya Srivastav
  4. Appu Khotey
  5. Manav Srivastav
  6. Tanmay Jojelkar (Teddy)
  7. Chatur
  8. Sirkit
  9. Crime Master Gogo
  10. Choocha
  11. Pappu Pager
  12. Tsunami Singh

These characters have not only given us uncontrollable laughter but also made their way straight into our hearts. We know their Super hit dialogues by heart and we often speak while watching the movie which in turn brings more laughter!!

Article By: Arpita


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