Most of us get bored with our daily routine, because we are human and we crave variety and need change, no matter how much a couple love each other but there are sometimes in life when we are actually fed up of everything that being in relationship doesn’t excites us anymore. It’s totally normal to feel a little stiff, but you know what is not OK? Just complaining about it and becoming impatient and ending up relationship.

Take a deep breath and plan some changes in your daily routines to get rid of boredness in your daily routine and I will help you to get that spark in your relationship again.

  1. Start dating again– Just remember the initial days of your relationships, when you date frequently, spend more time together, love to do things for each other, just replicate those moments again, take initiative yourself to take him to dinner date or movie date or go for long night walk after dinner.



  1. Do something new every day- Waking up, going to office coming back home restless is the normal routine, do something different each day for each other, like cook dinner together or watch a romantic movie, which both of you like or play some games in bed which spice up your relationship.



  1. Take a break!- plan a week off from your daily routine, if you are missing love in your relationship it’s time to go for a vacation, where you both can spend most of the time together to found that lost love again.


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4. Surprise him– Remember those days when he surprises you by coming at your office, or planning a night out for you. Just repeat those moments and surprise him by going to his office picking him or planning a nice night out or romantically decorate your room as per his interest


  1. Boredom is normal- Just don’t panic if you are feeling that you don’t feel to stay together as you are bored of each other, a little effort can get you out of boredom, you are not only one couple in the world who feels boredom in some point of life, try to spend more time together doing things out of track.



Being bored doesn’t mean your relationship should be over. This feeling could just be the gentle nudge you need to shake things up and invest your time in love!

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By- Garima


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