“Rahul phirse beemar ho gya” the line of this advertisement becomes more realistic in this season. Most of the people are found coughing and sneezing, in your surroundings. To be flu-free or less likely to be affected, here are some simple tips you can follow:-

1- Flu shot


This vaccination will prevent virus or bacteria to enter your body. This vaccine makes your body release antibodies. So go to your physician and get this vaccine before monsoon starts.

2- Distance, Please!


You should stand at a distance if you feel the person has some kind of symptoms. The minimum distance should be of 3 feet and maximum could be as far as you can. However, this is difficult to be applicable between couples.

3- No using of hands


Always keep your hands off while sneezing or coughing. This doesn’t mean you sneeze or cough without covering but always have a handkerchief or some tissue to cover your nose or mouth. so that if you are infected, as a social responsibility, you must avoid spreading the virus.

4- Clean with sanitizer


Clean your commonly touched objects like fridge, tables, chairs with some sanitizer. This would reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

5- Become Joey!!

image source Pinterest



For a while become Joey from FRIENDS. Like him don’t share your food with someone who has recently recovered from viral or if you see any symptom of it.

6- Help Yourself!

Instead of you picking up used tissues of infected people, ask them to directly throw in the bin. This would avoid direct contact of you with bacteria.

7- Changed pillows

Make infected person use the same pillow of theirs and sleep on one side instead of changing.

8- Some extra work


While someone being infected in the home you have to do the certain extra amount of work such as wash any utensil used by them immediately. This would not lead bacteria to spread.

9- Use surgical gloves


While helping an infected person, do not forget to wear surgical gloves so that you don’t touch any infected material with your bare hands.

The saying to which we all agree would be “ Prevention is better than cure”. Avoiding flu completely is not possible but at least we can prevent it by these simple ways.


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